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Sample evaluation

web inspection system

Based on samples with real defects we determine the best optical set-up for an optimal detection and classification of the defects (clear field, dark field, reflection,...).

This sample analysis will result in an optical configuration with the angles and positions of the camera(s) and lightsource(s).

This service is free.

On site test set-up


We can do an on-line test on the production line to demonstrate the detection capabilities of our system. We are confident to obtain the results as indicated in our sample evaluation, but sometimes customers prefer a test set-up on the production line. Based on the material necessary for this test, the labour and travel expenses, we have to charge a small amount for these tests.


web inspection training course

Discover the added benefits and features of your system by learning hands-on from our experienced and qualified trainers who can answer your questions and help you gain a better understanding of our systems and applications. They will teach you how to set up the system, inspect live production, display and report on defects and process conditions, and visualize your entire product.

IVA Machine Vision Systems

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