Reach the highest quality standards with our high performance inspection systems. Increase your production quality and reduce down-times with our high performance web inspection systems. Avoid undiscovered rejects with 100% continuous inspection with our high speed camera systems.

Project management

IVA provides turn-key inspection systems, therefore every project is unique and needs to be expertly managed. Our goal is to achieve all of the project goals within scope, time, quality and budget. Together with sales and customer support we guide you throughout the life cycle of your vision project: from quotation and kick-off meeting until acceptance of the vision system and the after sales support.

Sample evaluation

Based on a customer requirement specification and real product samples we determine the best optical set-up for an optimal detection and classification of the defects. This sample analysis will result in an optical configuration with the angles and positions of the camera(s) and lightsource(s). The next step will be to find a possible location to fit the inspection system in the process line.


Discover the added benefits and features of your system by learning hands-on from our experienced and qualified trainers who can answer your questions and help you gain a better understanding of our products, systems, and applications. They will teach you how to set up the system, inspect live production, display and report on defects and process conditions, and visualize your entire product.

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