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Line scan cameras


Materials produced in a continuous roll or sheet, such as paper, textiles, film, foil, plastics, metals, glass, or coatings, are best inspected by line scan cameras. Line scanning offers unlimited pixels in the direction of a web's motion with zero smear even at high speeds, higher dynamic range, greater processing efficiency and much lower price/pixel.

The cameras we use in our web inspection systems have a  resolution of 8192 pixels and max. scanning rates of 90kHz.

In applications where we need to detect very low contrast defects or inspect at very high speeds we may need to use TDI cameras, which are much more sensitive.

These cameras integrate seamless into our WIS1000 software but are more expensive.

USB3 communication

web inspection USB3 line scan camera

Our cameras  use USB3 as communication standard, which provides a throughput of 5 Gbit/s. This is much faster than GigE (800 Mbit/s), allows for long cable lengths and is well suited for long term use in industrial environments. Our high end applications with TDI-cameras use CoaxPress as communication standard and allows data transfer speeds up to 12 Gbit/s.

High speed data processing

web inspection with high speed I7 quad core processor

100% real time inspection at high product speeds requires huge amounts of data to be processed in milliseconds. Our cameras use FPGA-circuits to preprocess this data already in hardware. This data is sent to the main CPU at speeds up to 3 Gbit/s. Highly efficient vision algorythms verify these images for presence of possible defects and classify them into predefined categories.

IVA Machine Vision Systems

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