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Web inspection

Our WIS1000-system detects and classifies low contrast defects in plastics, paper, film, foil, non-woven materials, and many other substrates, produced at high speed.

It provides a total quality solution for most web produced materials.

Advanced line scan cameras capture high resolution images of the moving web. The cameras and lightsources are mounted at specific angles to maximise the contrast of possible defects in the material: gels, contaminants, holes, bubbles, stains, coating inconsistencies, streaks, …

These defects will be classified on type and size. The defect images with detailed information are displayed and stored in a roll data base for verification and process optimization. Summary reports and trend charts are generated and can be converted to  common used formats.

Key advantages:

  • high performance

  • reliable and fast defect classification

  • easy to install and operate

Main features:


  • inspected web width range from 10 mm to 10 m

  • web speeds up to 1000 m/min

  • up to 4 webs can be defined and separately reported

  • automatic gain control, flat field correction, automatic edge tracking and opacity      control on all webs

  • detection and classification of defects as small as 5 micron (dependent upon # of cameras and web width to be inspected)

  • classification based on contrast, shape, model recognition, width, length, surface and density measurements

  • repeating defect identification and analysis

  • supports up to 32 user definable defect categories

  • operates in transmission, reflection or any combination of any angles

  • real time or distance delayed alarm outputs triggered on discrete defects or density exceedings (sheeter applications, tab throwers, spraymarkers)

  • OPC-connectivity (UA)

  • defect data and images are visualised and stored in roll database for verification

  • fully programmable lane structure with a max. of 2048 lanes (slitter applications)

  • simple and user friendly touchscreen interface with password protected access levels and on-line item sensitive help

  • camera standard resolution: 8192 pixels/camera

  • camera scan speed: max. 90kHz

  • Tdi-cameras can be used to detect very low contrast defects at high speed

web inspection system for plastic foil

Area inspection



  • easy to set-up and use, without any programming knowledge

  • high resolution USB3 CMOS-cameras

  • integrated high intensity led ring illumination

  • image enhancement & calibration, blob analysis, template matching, dimensional control & measurement

  • sub-pixel measurement accuracy

  • optical character recognition & verification, barcode reading, data matrix reading

  • inspection parameters are stored in a single product file. Product files can be switched on the fly

  • standard interface through TCP-IP, RS232, USB or discrete opto-coupled in- and outputs

  • simple and user friendly operator interface with password protected access levels and on-line item sensitive help

  • detailed measurement results are stored in log-files

  • integrated statistical analysis tools

  • OK and NOK images are saved in sizable ringbuffers for verification and finetuning of vision algorythms

The AIS1000- software can run on any PC, so vision algorytms can be finetuned offline on a different PC with OK and NOK images from the AIS1000-system .  

The AIS1000-system is a high end PC-based vision system that performs real time inspection on all kinds of manufactured or assembled parts. These parts are inspected with sensitive high resolution cameras and efficient vision algorythms running on an ultra-compact yet powerful industrial grade Windows10-Professional panel-PC.

machine vision system

IVA Machine Vision Systems

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